Libraries - Create Module

A module-library is a function collection (collection of methods). For a module, you can define the access type in the luna code for each function individually. The two variants of this are

  • Global
  • Module-Global

„Global“ means that an applied in a module function (method) directly with the function name in the Luna-code can be used. The use would be as with the built-in functions such as Luna format(), str(),mul() and so on. Modules with global functions so add general functions (in writing) and can not be distinguished syntactically to the built-in functions.

„Module-Global“ means that the method can be used only in connection with the module name. for example Math64.Add() and so on.

The behavior can be per method in the declaration set separately:

#library "Library/example.module" 'contains a global method 'mymethod(value as byte) as byte'
a = mymethod(123)