Official Main-Release-Version.
The Development Suite is portable and executable from removable devices.

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Notes about the development releases

Development releases are for the development of the language. Intermediate versions are based on the last major version. They implement new techniques, optimizations, new syntaxes and can therefore also contain several errors. Within different development releases, it may happen that the name of e.g. newly implemented commands or syntax variants changes. Even if errors found and these were resolved, they are used to test the changes (beta test).

The Development Releases are therefore not suitable for production use. However, it is very helpful when large projects with the Development releases are tested to find inconsistencies or errors that may appear.

  • SerialGraphics Tool to show a Graphics-Screen by serial interface using the LunaAVR graphics object.
  • bootUploader GUI to upload firmwares on controllers with the Luna bootloader.
  • UdpTest Grafical test-program for transmit/receive UDP-packets.

Update or replace always all files of the older versions, including configuration files and example-sources.