Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Luna cost?
    Luna is free to use, whether private or commercial use. There is no license costs (valid as of 2018).
  • Is there any support?
    Companies that use Luna commercially can book a support uncomplicated once or continuously. Also services for the development of classes or libraries can be commissioned. Furthermore, there is the forum for all users available for volunteer help each other
  • Can I sell my software commercially?
    Yes, you are as an individual or as a company sell themselve developed programs and commercial applications (eg. Classes for the control of dedicated hardware, libraries ans so on). You define the license terms themselve.
  • Why is the documentation as a PDF file, rather than a Windows Help file available?
    LunaAVR is not only available for the Windows platform, but also for Linux and Mac OS. A Windows Help file does not make sense on the other platforms. The PDF format is readable on all systems, also can be searched in the complete document, which eg. at a local HTML-based documentation would not be possible.
  • Is Luna a Basic?
    No, it's like Pascal „Basic-like“ and beginner-friendly, but not a simple Basic. Luna is an independent language which includes many practical elements from other languages.