Creating Libraries


There are the following types of libraries:

  • Modul - Function Collection
  • Interface - Interface (static „Class“)
  • Object - Dynamic memory object with functions.
  • Type - Static memory object (structure data type) with functions.

To create a library using the example of an interface, proceed as follows:

  • 1. Open Library Browser.
  • 2. Right-click on an entry and select „New Interface“.
  • 3. Open in the File Selection the folder „Custom“ (Folder „/Library/Custom“ in the Luna-Home-Dir).
  • 4. Give the interface a unique name, such as „myinterface“ and choose „save“.

The interface will be created and appears in a new library editor window. In the list on the right you can edit the name and information of the interface. The interface name is the base name - always specified in Luna code (similar to Spi.[..]). By right-clicking on the interface name or subordinate entries left in the list, you can now create constants, properties, inlines, methods, etc.