!! CAUTION !! Obsolete Syntax! Available until Version 2013.r3
Replaced by .InpStr() of the interfaces Uart and SoftUart.

Read character string from serial port, including optional input prompt and echo.

Syntax: InpStr [Prompt, ] TargetString

  • Prompt (optional): Character string (Constant) That is displayed prior to an input request.
  • TargetString: String-Variable (memory) that stores the result string.

If you omit the port number, Uart0 will be assumed. The function waits until CR (Ascii-13) is received. Null bytes and control characters, except Backspace are ignored. Backspace will be removed from the resulting string.

Properties of InpStr (Global)
Name Description
InpStr.echo.enable Aktivates the input echo (Default).
InpStr.echo.Disable Deactivates the input echo.

The property takes global effect and must be defined at program start (Switch).

See also: Idle-endIdle

Example 1:

  dim inputstring as string
    InpStr " Please enter text > ",inputstring
    Print "  You have entered: ";34;inputstring;34

Terminal program display:

Please enter text > hello
You have entered: "hello"
Please enter text > |

Example 2:

  dim inputstring as string
    InpStr inputstring
    Print "You have entered: ";34;inputstring;34