Main Release 2017.r2.x



  • IDE Application renamed to „LunaStudio“!

Changes - History

fix bug fixed
chg changed or modified
upd updated
add added or new implemented
del deleted or removed

build 9339

  • fix: (ide) weird IDE crash using projects on win 8.1/10 fixed

build 9338

  • fix: (compiler) argument management in flash wrapped access functions
  • fix: (StdLib_String.module) wrong string constant arguments using asc() in HexVal() code
  • fix: (ide) menu structure was dearranged
  • fix: (ide) removed from context menu: library path insertion and method jump (not usable on linux)
  • fix: (ide) gui cosmetics

build 9321

  • fix: (compiler) error message using mystruct.sizeof in a const statement
  • fix: (compiler) wrong size value from .sizeof with structure arrays and array elements
  • fix: (ide) build report hotkey corrected to CTRL-F6
  • fix: (ide) knowledge of registers and ports in build report's colored sram-map
  • fix: (ide) avrdude-gui: wrongly generated device short name for avrdude command line
  • fix: (ide) source inspector: knowledge of source included libraries (wrong „possible error..“)
  • fix: (ide) luna share account activation and password reset issue

build 9317

  • fix: (compiler) find library file automatically in default library folder
  • fix: (ide) possible crash closing a tab
  • fix: (ide) library files management for editing and listing
  • fix: (ide) library doku display quality and font usage
  • fix: (ide) missing icons in menu „tools“
  • fix: (ide) missing hotkey for show report summary

build 9313

  • fix: (compiler) structure assignment of array elements
  • fix: (compiler) structure .sizeof of arrays and array-elements
  • fix: (compiler) eram structure type array index access
  • fix: (ide) the project hex-editor field disappears if changes where saved
  • fix: (ide) project manager „SQL Error 1 near 'and' …“
  • fix: (ide) lost of edited text in project manager„
  • fix: (ide) ascii table does not insert chars into current textfield and possible data loss if project manager is active“
  • fix: (ide) linux: ascii table draw quality
  • upd: (ide) hexeditor functionality and drawing speed
  • chg: (ide) the edit and import/export of controllers, avrdude-gui-definitions and so on are completely removed, they will be combined in a separate and better external tool (currently under development)

build 9307

  • fix: (compiler) assignment of structure type array elements
  • fix: (compiler) clear of structure vars using „clr“ command
  • fix: (compiler) assignment using eeprom structure vars
  • fix: (compiler) „ambiguous call to overloaded method“ using methods with optional return value
  • fix: (compiler) #includedata with option „at“ (place data at specific flash address)
  • fix: (compiler) wrong argument passing of inline library functions with assignment and more arguments. the assignment value was pushed to the stack instead of storing it in register Block A
  • fix: (ide) project manager undo/redo management, grows the project file and possible crash
  • fix: (ide) possible loose of text changes of unsaved files in the project
  • fix: (ide) create/import of files/entries separates now external/internal in the context menu
  • fix: (sram.interface) direct memory access can going wrong in (very) special case, fixed and moved from StdLib to a standalone library
  • upd: (flash.interface) missing functions added like BooleanValue() and so on
  • add: (ide) better (simple) build-in hexeditor

build 9294

  • fix: (compiler) „ambiguous call to overloaded method“ using methods with optional return value (example: current Twi.interface)
  • fix: (ide) sql error message calling used register scan
  • fix: (ide) error message by try to compile a empty project file
  • upd: (Lcd4.interface) update to the extended Lcd4-Interface
  • upd: (Graphics.object) New property LineStyle() and documentation extended.

build 9293

  • fix: (compiler) possible compiler hang up if an operator-argument is missing
  • fix: (compiler) double defined interrupt service method (isr) causes compiler-crash
  • fix: (compiler) defined() function in preprocessor using symbols created with #define
  • fix: (Twi.interface) Twi.Master.Start()
  • add: (compiler) new preprocessor command „RegNum()“
  • add: (Adc.interface) .HighValue() added for both, general and channels (.ADCH with Conversion start/wait, used with the Adc.LeftAdjust config)
  • add: (Twi.interface) additional functions Twi.Master.WriteData() and Twi.Master.Start(address)

build 9285

  • fix: (StdLib_PortX.interface) macro for port configurations
  • fix: (compiler) in bad case, a #define can cause a compiler hang up
  • add: (ide) saving of raw uncompressed picture data in lcd picture editor/converter
  • chg: (Graphics.object) documentation extended