List of constants/symbols

This list shows global constants and symbols, which can be used in assembler source code in libraries or Luna-inline-Asm.

AVR_ADDRWRAPNonzero if the address wrap support (Relative jumps over flash end to the beginning and flipped).
AVR_COREAVR Core-Type (Number)
AVR_CLOCK, _CLOCKDefined Clock
AVR_CODE_START_ADDRDefined Code start address in the flash.
AVR_DEVICE, DEVICEController name (string)
AVR_EEPROM_ACCESSNonzero if EEPROM accesses in Luna source.
AVR_EEPROM_ACCESS_HIGHNon-zero when the EEPROM memory is greater than 255 bytes.
AVR_HWMULNonzero if hardware multiplication are supported.
AVR_HWJMPNonzero if direct jumps/call are supported (call, jmp, ..)
AVR_MEGANonzero if Atmega controller
AVR_XMEGANonzero if Atxmega controller
AVR_PC_SIZENumber of bytes that are stored in a subroutine call on the stack as a return address.
AVR_STACK_SIZEDefined stack size (bytes)
AVR_STACK_ENDStack end address pointed to last byte stack (SRAMEND-AVR_STACK_SIZE).

The symbols are only available if the corresponding property is true. You are using the preprocessor function defined() to check for the presence and not by value!

AVR_PC33-byte program counter (PC). e.g. direct (return-) addresses (call / ret) have a size of 3 bytes.