Built-In Interfaces

In Luna, the most common hardware controller functions or interfaces are available as compiler-internal or external interface or module libraries. The interfaces / modules support the developer during configuration, as well as hardware and software accesses to interfaces or protocols. In addition, various software implementations of, for example, Interfaces / protocols.

In general, controller functionalities can be used via the direct access to the configuration and data ports. The configuration or access is based on the port names and configuration bits according to the data sheet of the controller.

The following modules/interfaces are implemented directly in the compiler itself.

See also: external libraries

  • Avr - Basis (The Controller)
  • Eeprom - Eeprom memory/-Objects
  • Sram - Work Memory (RAM)
  • Uart0-3 - Uart-Interfaces (tiny,mega)
  • SoftUart - Software-Uart-Interface