Luna Font Format (*.lf)

the Font-Format is a propritatary format for microcontroller applications. The IDE font editor directly supports this format and makes creating your own font easy, mit dem sich problemlos eigens erstellte Schriftarten in den eigenen Mikrocontroller-Anwendungen verwenden lassen.

Format Description

Offset Description Name
0x00 Lines per character RowsPerChar
0x01 Byte per line BytesPerRow
0x02 Total number of byte per character BytesPerChar
0x03 extended Modes (See Table) Mode
0x04..n Character data >= ASCII 32 Data

First character pixel is at top left. This simple equation gives you access to the character data (char = Ascii-value of the character):

  • offset = 4 + ( char - 32 ) * BytesPerChar

Bit 0 in extended Mode is set when the short character set is used, ignoring characters above ASCII 127. If you use your own decoding, make sure to test for this. Every byte of a character row codes 8 vertical pixels.

Extended Modes
Bit Description Default
0 Short character set (ASCII 32 to 127) 0
1-7 Reserved 0