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Änderungen - Historie

fix bug fixed
chg changed or modified
add added or new implemented
del deleted or removed

build 8723

  • fix: (compiler) global declared methods of module libraries may not be recognized (error message appears)
  • fix: (compiler) a in the source code implemented StackOverflow-Exception corrupts the first method-parameter while checking
  • fix: (compiler) eeprom struct address property wrong result
  • fix: (StdLib_String) memory corruption using NthField() with empty source string
  • add: (compiler) new pragmas „OptimizingLevel“ and „WarningLevel“ to override compiler options by source
  • add: (compiler) pragma changes now reported in the compiler log
  • add: (StdLib_Math.module) new global functions „ConvDec()“ and „ConvHex()“ to convert numeric values directly to a memory location

build 8686

  • fix: (compiler) assembler-comment direct behind value or argument cuts the last char, eg. „ldi _HA0,0; comment“ results in „ldi _HA0,“
  • fix: (compiler) wrong rank of pow-operator „^“
  • fix: (ide) clipboard functions not displayed in context menu for misc entries, eg constants
  • add: (compiler) new optimizing level 2 (-z2) for more speed (eg access and using 32 bit vars)

build 8666

  • fix: (compiler) path formatting with escapes
  • fix: (compiler) jump over nops was removed (optimization fail)
  • fix: (compiler) select-case optimization fail with empty case's

build 8664

  • fix: (compiler) eedim variables allocates more space than needed
  • fix: (compiler) linux: file path containing escaped spaces
  • fix: (compiler) command „reset“ on controllers without immediate jump results in error message
  • fix: (ide) avrdude gui fuse bits parsing

build 8657 (restart beta-process)

  • fix: (ide) Search and Replace in library editor
  • note: the libraries of the executables has been changed (IDE and Compiler)

build 8648

  • fix: (compiler) xmega-universal-interface bitset/bitclr

build 8641

  • fix: (StdLib) declarations for CWrite, CwriteC, CwriteP corrected to „byRef“ instead „byVal“ for passing flash data for output write
  • fix: (compiler) hardware access (read) by (bug from last beta)
  • fix: (ide) crash with unknown controller and enabled autocomplete
  • fix: (ide) misc gui paintings in library editor

build 8639

  • fix: (StdLib) xmega UniversalInterface wrong write of group configs (bitfields)
  • fix: (compiler) initial values in library methods not working
  • fix: (compiler) wrong use of obsolete internal macro „mkBoolValue()“ in misc conditionals
  • fix: (ide) import of controller value file .ldef (wrong prefixed values &h/0x, ..)
  • fix: (ide) wrong placed values in value-editor of the defines browser
  • fix: (compiler) declared constants in interface libraries are not named with the interface name (as indicated by the library editor.)
  • chg: (lavrc.library) updated/new avrdude gui configuration for attiny13 and attiny13a (by de0508)
  • chg: (lavrc.library) updated controller defines for attiny441 and attiny841 (by de0508)
  • chg: (sleep.interface) update (by de0508)
  • chg: (compiler) the isr-endisr register save option defaults now to „fastauto“

build 8614

  • fix: (compiler) asm preprocessor macro functions was deactivated (debugging of build 8613)

build 8613

  • fix: (compiler) replacement of defines in argument of preprocessor function „defined()“ are not ignored
  • fix: (compiler/ide) xmega universal interface bit mask mapping. note: the names of states of single config bit values changed from „ENABLE“/„DISABLE“ to „BITSET“/„BITCLR“, because it overlaps with bitfield names (eg old: „DACA.CTRLA.ENABLE.ENABLE“, new: „DACA.CTRLA.ENABLE.BITSET“).

build 8611

  • fix: (compiler) internal error message „invalid object type..“ using defines
  • fix: (compiler) not working .def directive in assembler
  • chg: (ide) improved autocomplete (struct var and element recognizing)

build 8599

  • fix: (compiler) preprocessor defines can't be redefined
  • fix: (ide) illegal cast exception with enabled AutoComplete-Source-Scanner
  • chg: (compiler) optimized isr fastauto register scan and use
  • add: (compiler) #undef directive to remove defines

build 8585

  • fix: (lavrc.library) xmega universal interface data
  • fix: (taskmgr.interface) TaskRemove optional return value missed
  • fix: (ide) autocomplete for xmega universal interface
  • fix: (ide) autocomplete in expressions
  • chg: (lavrc.library) optimized database structure for xmega universal interface (access now 10x faster in compiler and ide use)

build 8578

  • fix: (stdlib_flash) xmega PageRead
  • fix: (ide) AutoComplete ide crash
  • fix: (ide) AutoComplete source-scanner now on load/save with progress view
  • chg: (ide) AutoComplete Source-Scanner improved

build 8577

  • fix: (ide) AutoComplete xmega universal-interface
  • fix: (ide) AutoComplete source-scanner now on load/save with progress view
  • fix: (ide) AutoComplete menu entry not accessible
  • fix: (ide) many small gui bugs
  • add: (ide) AutoComplete for Source (needs Source-Scanner): the AutoComplete knows now all the visible/accessible elements at a source position of the source code. like classes, class elements, global or local properties and so forth.

build 8576

  • fix: (ide) no effects on the programmer/uploader selection
  • fix: (compiler) not operator of method-parameters in expressions of conditions
  • fix: (compiler) universalinterface wrong processing of grouped registers like ADC.CH0.[..]
  • fix: (stdlib_floatmath) float sin,asin,exp,tan,tanh,.. - table access failed, wrong results
  • fix: (stdlib_flash) parse error fixed, xmega improvements
  • fix: (ide) eeprom.bytevalue - folding showed
  • chg: (ide) Mouse-Syntaxinfo with Source-Scanner
  • chg: (ide) AutoComplete prepared for Source-Scanner

build 8504

  • fix: (compiler) recognition of negative decimal number may be incorrect in conditions
  • fix: (compiler) empty isr causes compiler crash
  • fix: (compiler) the second parameter, defined for register placement of a library inline function was stored in regA instead regB
  • fix: (compiler) new rewritten xmega universal interface, was: misc config bits or groups not accessible, eg PORTA.INTCTRL.INT0LVL, universal interface selects now the controller specific available modules, registers, bitfields and configs
  • fix: (compiler) eeprom object error message using .db and so on
  • fix: (compiler) preprocessor operator 'mod' can cause a compiler crash
  • chg: (compiler) internal flash functions outsourced to stdlib_flash.interface
  • fix: (stdlib_flash) higher address value reading fails using flash.ByteValue() and so on
  • add: (stdlib_flash) PageRead/Write extended for atxmega devices plus additional atxmega flash functions (crc, fusebytes, ..)
  • fix: (ide) deadloop of doku renderer after adding a non-existent picture to the doku page
  • chg: (ide) Settings-Window: CompilerPresets and auto-choose by file type